An interview with Adrenalin

An interview with Adrenalin 2019-10-17T15:33:21+02:00

So here she is, the mystery guest whose arrival in the village is all anyone can talk about. The daughter of … you-know-who is like any other teenage girl, coping with all the usual problems of growing up and the sometimes tricky transition to adulthood, which is very much a theme in this hilarious and action-packed 38th album. Adrenalin’s illustrious father features only as an aside throughout the Asterix series, but his teenage daughter is front and centre of this tale, and she carries the whole album. It is her decisions that propel the action from beginning to end, and she sometimes exhausts even the indomitable Asterix and Obelix who are tasked with keeping an eye on her! Her daring spirit and unfaltering bravery make her the most impressive female adventurer of the series so far. So … how about we hear from the teenager herself?

Hi, Adrenalin, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to the adventures of Asterix and Ob–

A. OK, so who are you? Gaulish or Romish? Were you at Alesia when my father was defeated, then? Watch it, I don’t like traitors …

… um, and Obelix. Could you tell us a bit about your story so far, where you’re from?

A. Yeah, well, that won’t take long. My dad was quite well known. His name was Vercingetorix. He was really someone, my dad. I miss him. It’s not easy, everyone always wants to talk about him. Anyway, I’ve had enough of people pestering me. It started with my dad’s friends, like bigshot Arvernis, and their rumours. Now it’s all these Roman losers trying to catch me … I was better off when I was hiding in Lutetia.

You seem like a great girl, and with quite a personality. I imagine you’re going through what’s commonly called ‘teenage angst’?

A. And don’t tell me, your sister’s Cleopatra?! I want people to get off my back, that’s all. I’m not just some flag they can wave around. They’re all like, “Vercingetorix’s daughter” the whole time! And they just want to fight each other using me as an excuse. Bunch of barbarians! Not one of them really cares two sesterces about me. If it carries on, I’m going to become a druid with the Carnutes!

Now, don’t get carried away! Would you mind describing yourself for our rea–

A. Ferri wanted me to dress in the Goth style that’s so cool in Lutetia right now. Plus I … have a torc necklace around my neck, it’s kind of trending, people seem to like it. Some even want to steal it. Apart from that, the colourist gave my hair a red tinge. A bit too much if you ask me, but hey, don’t lose my amphora …

Before I let you go, could you–

A. In your own time …

Um, could you tell us how you get on with your new friends in the Gaulish village?

A. I met some really cool people and some who were just, like, a pain. There’s the little blonde guy with the moustache and his mate with the menhirs – they’re OK but they won’t leave me alone. There are the Romans who I’m trying to get away from. And there’s the traitor Binjwatchflix who is always turning up. My friends in the village are the best, though. We have a Byzantine time together, they get me, and we can talk about anything. I also really like Cacofonix’s vibe, you know, the bard, he’s so on it …

While we’re on the subject, could you take those off from around your neck? It’s not very polite to listen to music when you’re talking to people.

A. I’m not listening to music, that’s my torc!